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Slurry Tank Part

pressvac gauge

Press/Vac Gauge

-1 to +3 bar

slurry tank hose fittings

Slurry tank hose / fittings

GAL hose fittings

siphon valve

Siphon Valve

Protection from moisture entering your pump. Plastic 80mm in/outlet with screw off bowl for easy cleaning

sight glass

Sight glass

Steel threaded sleeves available to weld into your tank.. available in 2 - 3 inches

pump parts

Pump parts

overflow valve

Overflow Valve

Adjustable oilers to control oil flow to your pumps ,Many combinations available.

pond stirrer parts

Pond stirrer parts

stem gate valve

Stem gate valve

Brass Gate valves are available in sizes 4\",5\",6\" and 8\" Also available single acting hydraulic ram with spring retur... read more »



Adjustable oilers to control oil flow to your pumps ,Many combinations available.


wrapped bale clamp

Wrapped Bale Clamp

3rd service required. Lifts, carries and rotates bales without damage to wrap. Curved arms clamp the bale firmly and with no equalizer bar it l... read more »



all sizes in stock

combi bale clamp

Combi bale clamp

3rd service required. Lifts, carries and rotates the largest of rounds and squares without damage to wrap. Ideal for the large farms and contr... read more »



control valves,cables,joystick knobs,3rd service diverter

bucket grab

Bucket grab

The grab unit fits over the top of a round backed bucket and holds product in the bucket. It increases the bucket capacity and can handle big bal... read more »

hydraulic ram parts

Hydraulic Ram Parts

Rams,seal kits,pistons,glands,shafts

joystick control parts

Joystick Control Parts

Joysticks,cables,valves,pivot posts,yokes

grader blade

Grader Blade

* Well formed mould board offering excellent cleaning ability. They have reversible cutting edges. * Pins support both sides of the adjustment ... read more »

auger bucket

Auger Bucket

3rd service required The implement is perfect for fitting to your front end loader, and is specifically designed to handle fine chop maize sil... read more »

front end loaders

Front End Loaders

Front End Loader Options Natty Suitable for <20 HP tractors 1 ½” lift rams 2” single or 1 ½” twin crowd rams 1.2 m width bucket (opti... read more »


belt joiners

Belt joiners

Kits available for all types of belts.

irrigation sprinklers

Irrigation Sprinklers

Fungone Sprinkler Dynamic sprinkler - complete or sector rotation. Automatic nozzle exit and reentry - this model has found wide use in gardens, p... read more »

tractor seat

Tractor Seat

good quality tractor/forklift/bulldozer seat Made for Australia's harsh conditions We have tried many brands but most of them perished in the... read more »

Vacuum Pumps

jurop pner series

Jurop PNE/R Series

With the addition of an air injection system for the PNR version (granting better cooling performances on heavy duty operation). Built in vacuum/... read more »

battioni star series

Battioni Star Series

The STAR series is composed of 3 models (STAR 60, STAR 72 and STAR 84) with capacities from 10680 lt/min. to 14420 lt/min. It is supplied as seri... read more »

vacuum pump

Vacuum Pump

Built to last, Italian quality




400x55x22.5 x 6 These wheels will also fit a SAM or Marshall super spreaders 400/55-22.5 tyre&amp;rim(8 stud)14ply flotation 558 BKT(40&a... read more »


rubber boot and housing

Rubber boot and housing



joystick block

Joystick Block

pivot post

Pivot Post


Anthony Campbell

After school I left Victoria with my P plates and beloved 1975 HJ Monaro for the Northern Territory where I worked in the mining industry for the next couple of years. I spent most of my time maintaining and servicing hydraulic machinery. When the mine closed I returned home to take a job with J&S Ladhams Contracting. As an operator I was exposed to a broad range of tractors, loaders, slurry tanks, hay and silage equipment.

This lead me to Pearson Ag (Colac) a then newly established Australian branch of a New Zealand based company Pearson Engineering. I spent the next six years as workshop and parts manager, fitting new Pearson loaders and assembling Buckton wagons, Sam spreaders, Pearson slurry tanks, Jaylor mixers, Sulky spreaders, Quinn fork lifts, and Aitchison seed drills, along with warranty assessments, field work and dealer network parts distribution.

In 2004 Pearson Engineering the parent company decided to close the Australian workshop. It was at this point I saw an opportunity to continue the parts and warranty service in Australia as my own business. I began trading as AC Service and Parts Pty Ltd in 2004 and I continue to supply an ever-growing range of products to machinery dealers and customers throughout Australia.

I pride myself on quality customer service, product knowledge and excellent problem solving skills.

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